Own a Piece of your Hero with High Quality, Commemorative Pieces
Who's your hero? Do your tastes run toward the musical realm and sport, or do your interests lean more into literature or politics? Whether you are a movie buff, a musical lover or simply appreciate the finer talents in life through the generations, we have got a selection of memorabilia that will tantalize everyone on your list. On the following pages, you will find icons of every kind - at work and in character - to delight every taste and interest. These folks have been commemorated in photos and film cells of the highest quality; all matted, framed and ready to hang. Some even include autographs or pieces of the actual film to make the presentation even more unique and special.

Are you a fan of science fiction and fantasy flicks? Check out our latest offerings from favourite series like Harry Potter and Star Wars. For the adventure seekers, we've got you covered as well with commemorative items from action-packed suspense films like James Bond. Is music your bag? We've got musicians from all genres included here, from pop star Billy Joel and Irelands very own U2 to Broadway and Hollywood songwriter Irving Berlin. Does history and politics tickle your fancy? Check out our Leader selections like the photo of President Nixon complete with his letter of resignation also Winston Churchill's very own cigar. Even the literary mind of George Bernard Shaw who also dabbled in the political arena is here for you along with a stunning Wembley FA Cup Final 1979 Programme Display.

These framed pieces will make the perfect addition to any collection, and the high quality will ensure that your gift will be enjoyed for many years to come. Many of the items will also come with a plaque explaining the significance of the piece matted directly to the presentation, and will include a certificate of authenticity as well. These photos and film cells are a unique and classic offering to any of the special folks on your list, and with many interests and tastes covered, you can find something for just about anyone. Scan through the pages to find the pieces that will suit you or your friends and family who appreciate the finer talents in life and the commemorative pieces that pay tribute to their lives and their work. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the one-of-a-kind, high quality pieces that you will find here. Memories abound and now you can share those memories with your family and friends. Happy shopping!




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